Our Approach

exlnz is dedicated to enabling people to achieve Excellence, to reach their highest self defined goals in any and all areas of life.  Since its inception in 1986 exlnz has helped thousands of people in top management, the professions, performing arts, sports, and other areas achieve extraordinary results in their life through seminars, coaching, consulting, and therapy.

exlnz makes it possible for you to achieve your extraordinary goals based on the scientific knowledge and the understanding that you are able to shape your own thinking in such a way that it will lead you to your desired goal. 

You need someone outside of yourself to make you aware of your thinking process, which then enables you to change your own thinking.  That is the way to recognize how you think and how your thinking “dictates” the results you produce.   

Once you have this awareness you can chose which new thoughts you want to create that will allow you to achieve your desired goal out of your present circumstances.  This ability to create – not just once by having a momentary insight – but continuously, goal directed, and out of any prevailing circumstance – that is the position of Excllence.

exlnz shows you how to actually do it. 

exlnz enables you to live your personal and your professional life in Excellence.



Excellence is the expression of constantly producing results that are out of the ordinary. 

Excellence is a product of consistently going beyond your limits.

Excellence recognizes the ordinary and – rather than succumbing to it or fighting it – uses it as a foundation for building the extraordinary.