Contextual Coaching Training

In today’s world there is a rising demand for excellent coaching.  To meet the demand for high level coaching, exlnz offers the full course of study culminating in the diploma as a

Certified Contextual Coach

Building on his seminars at ZfU International Business School, Prof. Dr. Peter Warschawski combines fundamental academic work with continuous training under supervision and prepares you optimally for your practice as a coach.

The sequential training, with its distinct combination of study, practice, and supervision, extends over 1½ years.  The diploma, fostered and internationally recognized through ICCA, allows you to take on clients as a certified coach and to coach them successfully according to ICCA professional and ethical guidelines.

This diploma is conveyed by the exlnz Institute.  The course of study is administered by ZfU International Business School. 

For a description of the curriculum and the training conditions, please click on the following links: