Vision-Directed Organization Consulting


The Vision-led Organization is the organizational structure that takes today’s human and economic conditions successfully into account.

The Vision-led Organization sees itself and organizes itself in such a way that it attracts and invites today’s interesting, creative, and responsible people so they want to bring all their knowledge, all their skills, all their experience, their whole being, and all their energy to their work for the benefit of the organization and their own benefit.  They find their fulfillment in doing exactly that which leads the organization to its highest success.  The organization’s success and happiness are on the same level as the employee’s success and happiness.

The traditional hierarchic structure, on the other hand, does exactly the opposite.  It is based on assumptions about people that do not correspond to people’s actual image of themselves and their actual goals.  As a result, such an organization cannot blossom in the long run and ultimately cannot survive.  It fails to attract today’s interesting, creative, responsible people who would make it possible for the organization to handle today’s economic and political circumstances in a way that leads to success.  The hierarchic structure once was the best organizational structure; it used to work very well.  It no longer does.  It is old and obsolete.

The juxtaposition of the two organizational structures demonstrates the obvious advantages of and the need for the Vision-oriented structure in today’s world:

Old Hierarchic Structure


New Vision-Oriented Structure

  • Job to be done comes from “above”


  • Each person orients himself by the clearly defined and communicated vision of the organization
  • The lower hierarchic levels do not know what the organization as a whole is about


  • The organization’s goals clearly make sense since they are an expression of the Vision
  • The individual only executes


  • Each person brings himself to his job as the individual he is and does his job as an expression of the Vision
  • There is little communication between the different hierarchic levels
  • Everybody communicates with everybody
  • It is a Master Culture


  • It is a Play Culture
  • Motivation mainly comes from outside, i.e from above by different forms of reward


  • Motivation comes from inside


exlnz enables you to establish your organization as a Vision-led organization or to transition your hierarchically-led organization to a Vision-led organization.  Some organization are between and betwixt the two structures and cannot get there.  exlnz

helps you get out of this unpleasant position and complete the leap to the Vision-led organization successfully.

The 5 steps to establishing the Vision-led Organization are:

  1. The responsible leadership of your organization participates in the seminar Surpassing Your Limits.
  2. The Vision of your organization is defined and clarified under the guidance of exlnz.
  3. The first of the annual Retreats for the definition and clarification of your organization’s goals is held under the guidance of exlnz.
  4. The Vision is transmitted to and implemented on all levels of your organization under the guidance of exlnz.
  5. The monthly Milestone Meetings are held under the guidance of exlnz.

Important notice about this 5-step process:  Resist the temptation to do it by yourself!  It never works.  You need an outside professional to make it and to be successful.